Become A Guest Blogger

Aunt Sheryl’s Book Nook is currently accepting guest blog posts. At this time, we do not pay for blog posts, but you will receive a byline and an opportunity to link to a personal or business website in your bio. Here is your guide to having a post published.

Who reads Aunt Sheryl’s Book Nook?

Our readers are generally parents, teachers, librarians and anyone who has a life-long love of reading. This community is supportive and tends to enjoy reading inspirational and informative posts.

What topics are likely to be published?

We accept journalistic articles about new literacy research, practical tips for including reading as an activity at home or in the classroom, and personal stories about books and learning to read. If you think you have a topic that doesn’t fall under one of these categories, feel free to pitch it. We are open to new ideas, as well. Book reviews, however, are reserved for the editorial board.

How can I make sure my blog post is accepted?

  1. Read the blog.
  2. Keep things positive. At the heart of this blog is a desire to encourage more people to read and to read to their children.
  3. There is no word count limit. Your blog post should engage readers, so make it the length it needs to be.
  4. Submit a short pitch in an e-mail to (do not send finished blog posts without pitching the idea first).


Your blog post will be subject to editing. In some instance, we may provide suggestions for rewriting.


We are looking to publish new, original content, however, you are free to publish the article on other sites in part or in full 3 weeks after publication on Aunt Sheryl’s Book Nook if you include a link back to the original article.


If you have a personal or business website that you would like to link to, please place it in your bio. Other external links to reputable websites can/should be used to support any research in the post itself. Please self-disclose any partnerships or connections with sources of information in your blog post.

During editing, additional Amazon affiliate links may be added to your blog post, if appropriate.


If your blot post idea is accepted, you should consider sending high-resolution images with your blog post draft that will enhance the piece.

Bios & Headshots

If your post idea is accepted, you will be asked to provide up to a 60 word bio and a professional-looking headshot.