A Little Support for Teachers and Students Goes a Long Way

Educating kids takes a lot of resources, and the mind-boggling truth about classroom education is that teachers and students don’t always get the resources they need. Innovative teaching sometimes requires funding that doesn’t come from the school district through our tax dollars. Children from less-advantaged homes often struggle to bring in basic supplies needed for instruction. This is where creative funding solutions can make a big and direct impact. Here are a few ways teachers can get what they need to teach their students.

Teacher’s looking to fund their classroom projects and regular folks who want to help their local schools or help fund a particular educational goal should check out DonorsChoose.org. It is a simple way to give back in amounts as small as $1, and it’s a great way for teachers to enhance classroom learning.

CHS/National Agriculture in the Classroom Grant
The other day I was reading the Cornell Small Farms Program e-mail newsletter and came across a $1,500 grant opportunity for teachers with plans for classroom projects that “use agricultural concepts to teach reading, writing, math, nutrition, science and/or social studies.” The deadline for proposals is September 15, 2015. Click here for more information. Additional resources for teachers can be found at the National Agriculture in the Classroom website.

Other Grants
For examples of the many grants available to teachers and schools, check out this short list at Teach.com.

New to Grant Proposal Writing?
If you’ve never written a grant proposal before, here are a few resources that may help:

Grant Writing for Teachers and Administrators

Granted!: A Teacher’s Guide to Writing & Winning Classroom Grants

The Insider’s Guide to Winning Education Grants

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