Family Camp

Here is a poem I wrote. It is inspired by the tent city that pops up each Independence Day at our family homestead. Happy 4th of July!


Family Camp

Going to Grandma and Grandpa’s
Packed up in the car tight
We’ll be staying over
Two days and a warm summer night

Grandma greets us with kisses
Grandpa gives a high-five
We hear aunts in the kitchen
Hooray! Our cousins arrived

Night settles us in to camp
Together in tents on the lawn
At first light, we go swimming
We are wild with laughter and song

Grandpa tells us his stories
We help Grandma bake a pie
We don’t worry about anything
Until Mom says, “time for goodbye”

With a show of whimpers and shouts
We madly protest the end
“So long” dear cousins
Until we’re together again

© Sheryl Davis, 2015


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